implant family

restorative ease

45° conical internal hex connection
is color-coded for quick identification
and component matching

connective tissue attachment

uniquely creates a physical
connective tissue attachment

bone attachment

Laser-Lok® microchannels
achieve superior osseointegration

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Surgery Kit

The BioHorizons guided surgery kit offers the
precision and predictability of guided implant
placement with a streamlined, single kit design

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PAN/CEPH/3D Panoramic Unit

The I-Max Touch unit offers the latest in Dental Imaging technology
combining 3 of today’s most practical imaging modalities, Panoramic,
Cephalometric and CB3D imaging into 1 compact yet functional system.

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More Precision

The latest evolution of laser-pulse; edge fractional produces high-peak
power for sustained periods accurately targeting tissue with limited
thermal damage reducing patient pain and downtime.

More Safety

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More Precision

INTRAcel gives selective heating in the dermis using microneedles
of bipolar and monopolar RF in a minimally invasive way. The electrical
energy as like RF is converted to heat in tissue as the tissue resists the
flow of current from microneedles.

More Safety

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Guided Surgery

Plan for Predictability

From dental scanning and planning, to drilling and implant
placement, to Immediate Smile temporary restorations delivered
prior to surgery, SIMPLANT offers clinicians a comprehensive
3D system for predictable implant treatment.

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Only Dexcom CGM keeps you One Step Ahead of diabetes by
unveiling dynamic glucose patterns that no meter can. Through
secure wireless connections, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver
with ShareTM allows remote viewing of glucose levels from an Apple
iPhone® or iPod touch®.

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We are a group of engineers and doctors who came together with the aim of developing the medical scene in the Middle east. Below are some the fields that we cover

Dental Line Products

We offer technologies that serve the dental field ranging from imaging devices, digital surgical planning to artificial prosthetics and implants

Derma Line Products

We bring pioneers specialised in the production of skin care and aesthetics technology equipment to offer your patients solutions for every skin problem

Diabetes Line Products

Leading the advancement in diabetes technology we have pioneered the field of diabetes research and have brought to you the latest gadgets to monitor blood sugar

Hospital Informatics

As just any other hospital, the flexible movement of information was our concern, which resulted in developing our own system with the help of our partners

Design and Craftsmanship

BioHorizons’ implants are lightweight, strong, biocompatible and made from titanium, the most widely used material in implant dentistry. To view a full list of dentures, abutments and implants please visit our Biohorizons section in our  product portfolio page

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A Sample of Our Leading Products

We aim to bring the best in medical technologies to play part in developing the medical field in Arabia


complete panoramic unit with all dentistry required X-ray images. Touch screen control panel with additional DIGITAL CEPH and 3D imaging module

Owandy – RX

Equipped with a 3.7″ LCD screen, simple and intuitive user interface with energy saving Sleep mode function. Wireless trigger controls X-ray emission

Owandy Cam

easy integration in your operating room with a docking station and USB2 connection. Compact and ergonomic design with support for image and video.

Owandy One

A direct USB intraoral sensor that you can equip with a device boasting the very latest CMOS technology at a very affordable price.

Simplant | Immediate Smile Model

a 3D printed model of the patient’s jaw including holes for implant analogs with the same position and inclination as the virtually planned implants

Ulrich Inject | CT motion

Advanced German technology for intelligent contrast agent injections with 5,000 ulrich medical® CT/MRI injectors already being used worldwide.


A compact design blood sugar sensor that takes 288 readings per day; a reading every 5 minutes. Easily fits in your pocket so you can live your life normally.

TRI-BEAM premium

Tri Beam laser is Q switched Double Frequency Nd –Yag laser with two waves 1064 and 532 nanometer to give you flawless and beauty skin

For a full list of our products please see our product portfolio page

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Our Offices in Jeddah

Our Offices in Jeddah

Our Offices in Amman

Our Offices in Amman